breadcrumbs and beaver spit


like some kinda shitty humanstuck yearbook

in case anyone wanted the full set


i hate small talk

tell me about how im gonna make you squart across the room and how that turns mw on. tell me about having the best oegamiom in the world everyday yeah baby. I don’t care about the weather and you don’t care about how my job’s going.


"Space is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is.”

-Douglas Adams


dont worry about maryam’s venonat is actually evolving so no pokemon was hurt in this photoset

part 2


terezi loves her charizard even if he isn’t a dragon type
part 1


Even if my ship doesn’t become canon, I won’t be sad or go on a tantrum, I’ll be happy because in my mind, they were perfect . ♥


this is me 100% of the time


this is me 100% of the time

The “Pee” Analogy The process of feeling hungry, experiencing a body-wisdom-based desire for a certain type of food, eating the food, stopping when satisfied, and then going off to do something else without another thought is “normal eating”. This is completely analogous to what occurs when you have to pee. You sense your body’s need, you relieve yourself, and then you go back to what you were doing. In both cases, you read a physical signal, meet the physical need, and give it no more thought. That’s normal. Now imagine what a strange world it would be if we were told that peeing had to be done on a schedule. We should pee four times a day, and it should be at four hour intervals, and we should only pee one cup at a time. If we need to pee in between times, we should hold it. If we want to pee more than one cup, we should hold that for the next time. Sound bizarre? That’s basically what a diet is. It is just as bizarre to regulate your eating according to arbitrary external rules rather than internal cues. Eating is a basic bodily function just like elimination. We don’t need to be told how to do it.
Normal Eating  (via tobeheal-ed)



You’re clearly not old enough to have children if you’re thinking of naming them after anime characters or some shit

when sasuke inuyasha grows up he’s gonna kick your ass for talking shit


I wanted to do an anime redraw